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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned
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Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC

At Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC, we understand the need to save money within your company’s budget where ever possible. Energy-saving, cost-cutting measures can be implemented within your facility to realize this goal. We deliver personalized service to your energy management goals by visiting your site and meeting with you to discuss the project. We will then perform hands-on building energy checks and measurements and propose a tailor-made solution to save your company energy and money.

We will then provide you with a custom proposal that includes specific lighting design plans that fits your company's needs. We partner with our Architect of record, Alfandre Architecture PC to produce lighting design plans that also will introduce natural daylight enhancing measures to maximize your building’s performance. This personalized approach truly helps our customers understand and visualize the lighting design and cost savings, before the project is implemented.

We will have your specified lighting product shipped directly from our warehouse facilities through our partner, Forest Lighting. Upon delivery, we will be there for you to ensure that the installation process is seamless.

Joe Byers, President and CEO, proudly served our country as an aviation mechanic specialist and a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy for 20 years. His key experience in LED Lighting through his former position with Con Edison Solutions and Solar training through Solar Energy International, coupled with his excellent sales record and sustainable presentations formerly working for Grainger USA, have perfectly positioned Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC as a leading provider of services as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Affordable, Reliable,
Best Performance LED Lighting.

LEDs are extemely energy efficent and consume 60% less power than incadescent bulbs. Money and energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs. Specify today for your next retrofit or new construction project!

Pleasant Valley Energy is a Distributor of Forest Lighting

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Project Hope “Joe Dome” International
“Off-Grid” Renewable Energy Project

The Joe Dome Project incorporates an array of sustainable technologies and renewable energy systems like solar and wind power, agricultural sciences which are incorporated within the site’s design proposals, including the recycling of waste materials to create energy....

PVE Project Hope - Joe Dome

Project Hope “Joe Dome”

International “Off-Grid” Renewable Energy Project

The Joe Dome Project incorporates an array of sustainable technologies and renewable energy systems like solar and wind power, agricultural sciences which are incorporated within the site’s design proposals, including the recycling of waste materials to create energy. Not only will Project Hope be self-sustaining, but also a resource for surrounding villages by providing a clean source of ground water as well as food and a source of electricity to local areas.

Take a tour of our 3D graphic model

PV Energy’s vision is for this center to be a model of excellence in design, sustainability and management, which will care for the most needy children and prepare them for adult life with education, skills, an awareness of their responsibility to protect valuable resources, and a caring attitude for our natural resources and most importantly our environment.

Our vision for the branches in many directions, to ensure an enriching community environment with a focus on education in Renewable Energy Technologies and educational programs to uplift impoverished areas of the world. Plans are in place for the construction of a hospital, school, family-style dormitories and a range of recreational facilities which will combine to maintain the local culture of each location.

Energy Efficiency

The Monolithic Dome is not only disaster proof, but also extremely efficient. The dome structure allows for a wide variety of floor plan designs because it needs no interior support. This allows you to take advantage of the wide open space of your building. Because of the structure's tightness, they conserve vast amounts of energy, making them more cost effective to run and heat. In a regular stick home, the amount of airflow going through the home is equal to having a door open all the time. The Monolithic Dome, however, is so well insulated and tight that the airflow amounts to an opening the size of two pencils. In one instance, the total energy costs for a two bedroom Monolithic Dome home for the year of 1999 was less than $400.Trinity Christian Center's Monolithic Dome church in Soldotna, Alaska encompasses 8,000 square feet. In 1999, Pastor Ray Ansel reported that their "natural gas heating averaged $72 per month. Heating a traditional building of similar size would cost $1,000 or more per month."

Low Maintenance

A dome is also significantly easier to maintain than a regular building. There is no worry about roof repairs, wood rot, termite damage or any other sort of inconvenient maintenance required in a conventional structure.

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"Over a year ago We installed LED T-8 tubes from Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC; they are still going strong! We love the light level the tubes give off, our showroom look so much brighter! The light is bright, but not harsh. Thank you to Charles Byers for recommending this upgrade for us!"

Tina A.
Poughkeepsie, NY

"Thank you to Pleasant Valley Energy for your personal attention to our lighting needs. We really appreciated Charles’ recommendations and providing us with a light level plan. The plan made it very clear how we could improve our lighting!"

John V.
Newton, NJ

"The lights came in on time with no issues. Charles was here when the lights were installed and made sure that the process was seamless. Thank you Pleasant Valley Energy for your great service!"

Martin E.
Montrose, NY

pleasant valley energy, LLC

Energy Management, Solar & Lighting Design, Product Distribution

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business • New York State Registration #3782704
D&B DUNS #830030743 CAGE Code #5FTU7 • NAICS Codes 335122/221114/221115

New York Office
23 Caroline Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

New Jersey Office
110 Ryerson Avenue
Newton, NJ 07860


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