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Joe Dome Project

Introducing the STEM "Joe Dome"Project, one of the next

innovative concepts to green, sustainable community development.

What is a
'Monolithic Dome?'

A joint effort with the creative concept of the creator, Joe Byers, and collective minds at PV Energy Consultants, LLC along with other partners, are working diligently to bring this unique monolithic dome concept to fruition.


Conservation in Innovation

The "STEM Joe Dome Project" is an initiative that focuses on utilizing renewable energy and agricultural technologies in an off-grid setting for research and development, test and evaluation purposes.


A Green Energy Ojbective

This project aims to advance sustainable practices in both energy production and agriculture through collaborations with internal non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic institutions

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Committed to Change

The project's focus on renewable energy technologies suggests a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, while the agricultural component aims to explore innovative methods for food production in challenging environments.


How It All Comes Together

Overall, the "STEM Joe Dome Project" is an interdisciplinary effort that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles to address complex challenges in energy and agriculture, with the goal of fostering research, development, and potential knowledge sharing through partnerships with NGOs and academia.

Electrical Engineer

How Does It Work?

Below, discover the technologies behind the Joe Dome's innovation

Solar and Wind

Renewable Energy Tech

Wind. Solar. Hydroelectric. Biomass. Renewable energy platforms are at the heart of the climate conservation initiative and the Joe Dome utilizes them all.

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